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Thread: Where to get the cheapest OE shocks? (front & back)

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    Where to get the cheapest OE shocks? (front & back)

    Im going to call the usual parts stores to get prices but i was wondering if there are any online stores taht are recommended who offer competitive prices for these things. I've read about, and im gonna check that out too. Im looking into replacing front + back. Also, im not planning on replacing my car has over 220k miles..should i be thinking on doing these too? None of the 4 springs are broken, but i really dont know if they lose their tension over the years. Any help/suggestions are appreciated
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    I had heard (but never personally confirmed) that the shocks from Ford are actually pretty reasonable priced. Not sure if that is still the case. Still, if you want to retain your ARC, the only shocks that will work are the Tokico Illumina II's or the Ford replacement parts.

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    The Ford part # for the rear ARC shock is FOSZ-18125-B.
    Mine ran $70.58 each which, for the type of shock, to me that was a good price.

    Surprisingly easy to install also. Rear pair that is... the fronts are not so easy. I think they're somewhat more expensive also.

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