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Thread: Gas mileage????

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    SCtbird17 Guest

    Gas mileage????

    I was wondering what kind of gas mileage all of you get in your SC, modded and also cars that are not modded!
    Thanxs Bros

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    Stumps90SC Guest

    Re: Gas mileage????

    I'm getting 20-21 mpg in my totally stock 90 SC with an auto trans.

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    TBirdDriver Guest


    My '90 gets anywhere from 350 to 400 miles a tank.
    No mods, all turnpkie driving.
    My '89 gets around 225 miles to a tankfull.

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    jasonLmarsh Guest

    Re: ,

    my 93 is pushing it to get 200 miles per tank. That's all city driving. And I'm getting ready to go on a 3000+ mile road trip. Damn I hope the highway miles are better!

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    SCtbird17 Guest

    Re: ,

    ok i was just wondering, cause i seem to only get around 225 per tank in my modded 89Sc auto. Thought i might be able to get a little more, Anyone have any suggestions?

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    forcfed93 Guest

    Your Mileage may vary

    It depends on how I drive it of course, but usually my 93 gets 20-21 City/Highway.

    On the open road I get right at 24 (75-80 mph) and 26.5-27 at 65-70.

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    SCtbird17 Guest

    Re: Your Mileage may vary

    Damn !!!!!!!!! 27 miles per gallon??????? why do i onlly get around 200 atank in my 89??????
    thanxs for the info!!!

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    forcfed93 Guest

    Re: Your Mileage may vary

    The time I got 26.8 mpg was on a 240 mile round trip. It was ALL highway and 85% was interstate.

    The way to getting good mileage is to run your car in the low to mid range of your cars max. torque range. On the stock SC's that seems to be around 2000 - 2200 rpm range. If you check the factory spex on the 89-93 SC it says: Torque, [email protected]: [email protected] ....... this means that the optimum point is around 2600 rpm.

    If you are like me, you like to take off quick and feal the power under your right foot ....... this is bad for mileage!!!

    I know this will be tough, but, try running a tank of gas through your car and keep the rpm's at or around 2000 as much as possible for the whole tank of fuel. (2000 rpm on the highway will still let you run about 70 mph). When it shifts (Auto) it will run up higher than that, but try it and see what you get.

    You should run upwards of 22 mpg. This should give you about a 300 mile crusing range.

    EXAMPLE: I recently went to Kansas City, Mo. From my house to the motel it was 348 miles. The trip took just under 5 hours and I made it on less than one tank of fuel. (About 16 gal). That only figures 21.7 mpg and I ran 75-85 mph most of the way. (2200-2400 rpm in OverDrive)

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    SCtbird17 Guest

    Re: Your Mileage may vary

    thanxs for the info, i appreicate it!!!!!!!

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    imbonked Guest

    Re: Your Mileage may vary

    In the city, I enjoy the car. 16-18 mpg. Highway between Colorado and Texas was 26-27 mpg humming along between 75 and 80 in 5th. No mods on the car other than lowered suspension and mufflers.

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