i did some research into this, thought i'd spread the word, i searched and searched with no info, so i did it myself,

i e-mailed D.O.T directly then they referenced me to,

http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/, so i e-mailed them,

then they e-mailed me,

"Please contact Amanda Prescott at the Office of Vehicle Safety
Compliance; Crashworthiness Division at: 202-366-5292."

then i called there toll free # "1-888-327-4236"

and spoke with someone that knew what answer i was looking for, he said there is not a DOT approved belt, its a compliance code "FMVSS209 or FMVSS#209" they must meet the standard and usually there is a tab stitched to the belt. They said they dont keep the record, its on the manufacturer to advertise or meet etc..

now i knew scroth was a brand that was streetable, or so i have read before, but i found it hard to believe that one company would only have that capability...

so i searched for that number and found "RCI", found this link http://store.yahoo.net/wescoperformance/info.html

a distibutor for these belts (above) and said they were compliant (RCI belts), (actually had better prices than directly going to RCI) i called, he said they were complaint to that code, so i called RCI directly myself to double check. RCI said they are, So you can go RCI also for a brand name of race/street legal belts, I'm going to go with a 5 point cam lock (only use 4 pt, but must let them know, so they can rechange the lock mechinism) they said i can just not use the submarine strap but they will move the mechism to a side strap, because usually the locking mech is on the bottom one..

incase you guys where wondering this question also or didnt know of any or any other existing brands of brands..

i cant wait to get these belts in my car (sorry guys not my tbird )..

(now dropped with my OBX e36 modded coilovers)