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Thread: Any musicians (guitar players) on the board?

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    toid Guest

    Any musicians (guitar players) on the board?

    I need some advice on buying a guitar.
    I hate to congest the board with such non-SC tid-bits, but I'm not really a "poster" anywhere else.

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    lazybird4pt6 Guest

    Re: Any musicians (guitar players) on the board?

    I played guitar for about 6 years and played in a couple of bands. I've owned 5 guitars in that time as well as several amps and effects processors. What advice are you looking for?

    '96 4.6 LX
    disgustingly stock
    sickeningly slow

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    onequiksc Guest

    Closing in on 30 years for me

    Fred and I have both been playing in the vicinity of 30 years now also. I made a living playing the club circuit in Philadelphia.

    How can we help?

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    b burns30 Guest

    Ive been playing for 6 years

    i play bass and guitar. what do you need help with?

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    GooeyGus Guest

    Re: Ive been playing for 6 years

    i play guitar. had a really nice one till a few weeks ago when it got stolen but i can still point u in the right direction

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    jpaitala Guest

    Re: Ive been playing for 6 years

    And I play guitar also. Being playing over 10 years now.

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    jpaitala Guest

    Re: Ive been playing for 6 years

    I play guitar also. Being playing for over 10 years. Email me if you have problems...

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    Crowdid Elevator Guest


    I guitar, bass, drums, and sing. Advice, unless you have gobs of money there's really no reason you would have to spend over $400 on a guitar. My favorite guitar that i have ever owned cost me $200 brand new.

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    Larry Griggs Guest

    What style of music are you thinking about?

    I've been playing for around 30-yrs. Played everything from soul/funk back in the early 70's to bluegrass (supplemented my funds for college doing that). My passion is Blues with that southern feel (growing up in Macon, GA during the height of Capricorn Studios, I got that early Allman Bros. Band sound in my blood and I can't shake it. Duane Allman left us far too soon.)
    Anyway, different makes of guitars have different sound characteristics. So, depending on where you're going with it, you should try as many different models as you can. I prefer old, used, sometimes abused, electrics that I find at small town pawn shops. (you never know what treasure you will find). My favorite of all time was a 1953 Gibson Les Paul that I bought from an old man for $200.00 back in 1974. (sold it for $900.00 in 1981 when I got in a money crunch....still regret that bonehead move).

    I'm in the Atlanta area, let me know if I can help you scope out some good deals.......

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    Andy 94Sc Guest

    A couple pieces of advise

    First, if you are just getting started, get a standard fixed bridge. A tremolo system makes tuning more difficult, especially for a beginner.

    Second go to a store and try them on for size. Find one that feels comfortable against your body, and has a good neck. Heavy Guitars can be tiresome to hold up for a long time, but generally have better tone/sustain (notes will continue to sound as long as you hold your finger down.) If you are unhappy with other things, such as the electronics, they can be changed later. Guitars, like cars, have a big aftermarket for modifications.

    Things to look for on the neck are that the strings are pretty close to the neck without making buzzing sounds. Try playing notes at all positions on the next to make sure it doesn't buzz. Make sure the fret wires are not sticking up, or have sharp edges. Then there is intonation, but that is rather complicated for a beginner to check, and likely won't cause you much trouble, i just starting out.

    I would also advise getting a name brand, if possible. And don't be afraid to shop for a used one. I think Crowded is right about spending money, Have you ever seen some of Eddie Van Halens guitars?

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    onequiksc Guest

    Did this on Tuesday ....

    I just found a guitar for a guy I know, who was looking for a decent beginner instrument for his 16 year old grandson. I found a USED Peavey strat -style guitar, that was almost new condition (back didn't even have scratches in it) for $139!!! It felt as solid as my Strat, and was as easy to play. Don't dismiss something because it dosen't say "Fender" or Gibson" on it. David Lindley (Jackson Browne's guitarist ) used to find odd named guitars for $100 and record with them.

    The guitar had nice action ( string height to frets/fingerboard) no dead spots, maple neck, 5 position switch and stayed in tune well and sounded good! He was a happy camper, as was his grandson when he found out. If you have pawn shops in your area, may want to look there as well.

    I agree with Andy about the tremolo bars, they will frustrate a beginner to keep them fine tuned.

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    b burns30 Guest

    string gauge

    for a beginner, thinner strings will be easier to learn on. when i learned how to play i used .009 gauge strings. as i progressed i found i wanted a fatter tone. now i play .011 gauge strings. so when you buy something go for a lighter string. this will make it easier to learn.

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    What styles interest you ?

    . . . and also what band turns your crank ? These questions, when answered, willgive some of us old hands a sonic "target" to shoot for. 400 tops for a guitar, but you can spend almost that much on an amp, which also has tremendous bearing on the tone. Tubes rule.

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    Scott Long Guest


    Find one that feels comfortable against your body, and has a good neck.
    Applies to many things Andy!!! Smart man!

    I have a Samick strat-look guitar, red and white, with an Abilene amp with a 10" speaker. My friend Joey is really good at playing the guitar. I've had mine for about 4 years now, and I can play a little bit of this and that. I can't read music anymore, but I can learn stuff by reading tablature. My friend and I just sit around and he shows me new stuff he's learned, and we play on the weekends or in the evenings sometimes. Its a good release from a hard day.

    I can play stuff like Bush, Staind, Third Eye Blind, Metallica, Lynard Skynard, Nirvana, Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creed, and a few others. Its been a while since I've played, but now that my friend Joey is home from College for the summer I'm sure we'll play guitar some more.

    My guitar cost me $239 when I bought it new. I've had it restrung last summer but I forget what brand and guage strings I have on it.

    Joey has a Cort acoustic and a Peavey black strat. My sister is learning to play too, my mom just bought her a Samick acoustic. So hopefully my sister will learn and can show me. Guitar playing is a skill I'd like to learn more of but don't really have the time to take lessons.


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    supercoupe1990 Guest

    Re: well

    I got a Roland GK-30 MIDI guttar system complete with EVERYTHING, including GK-2a pick-up on a Danelectro (black) Baritone if anyone's interested $500.00 takes all...since this has already turned into a musical thread! This system is ready to play, just plug it into an amp. <a href="</a>

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