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Thread: Any musicians (guitar players) on the board?

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    dansly Guest

    Re: Any musicians (guitar players) on the board?

    I just got my Taylor 514CE back from the Taylor factory last week. They've had it for 3 months fixing it after the strap came off and the thing fell and busted on the floor. Cost me $850 to fix it. ;o(

    Its good to have it back. I love playing it.


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    Vic W Guest

    Re: Any musicians (guitar players) on the board?

    Just bought my daughter a Ephipone Les Paul, white, dual humbuckers. Plays unbelivabley well for $129. She wanted my 1954 Les Paul TV but that is worth twice my SC. I also have a couple of Telecasters, one custom and one Deluxe both first year issues, one of which I used at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit as a stand in with Chuck Berry in 1970. The weight issue is relivent. Basically there are only a few basic guitar disigns; Les Paul (HEAVY, although there are some thinner versions as is the one my kid has), Telecasters (almost as heavy) Strat (LIGHT) and SG (light). Find something that appeals to you in feel.
    When it comes to amps, tubes rule. I almost bought the kid a fender blues amp, nice small, not too expensive. Then I ran into a schematic for a 85 watt version of an Orange- AND I have all the parts,,,,,,,

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