I recently bought an SC from a friend of my friend. Little did I know this car I bought for $2800 with 130000 miles on it had been wrapped around a tree and went for a nice swim. But it ran good for 6 days. I then had the coolant flushed and filled at the local oil change place and they decided to use 115 psi of pressure the fush my block causeing the head gaskets to leak. Then the put in some stop leak and didn't inform me of the necessity t leave the car running for a good 30-45 minutes. So I left it sit for about 3 hours and when I started it up a little white smoke came from the exaust pipes telling me that the headgaskets were blown. Also the high amounts of antifreeze in the oil gave me a clue also. So now my friend who showed m this car is in my garage fixing the litle porblem.