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Thread: Looking for working ARC actuator

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    Looking for working ARC actuator

    I have diagnosed my ARC which has been acting up, and I'm having problems with my front passenger side actuator. The shock is new, and I've tried lubricating and moving the actuator pin. None of that has worked. It works intermittently, with almost no pattern. I am looking for a new or used but working ARC actuator for a '93 SC. Anybody have one? Thanks.

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    I have about 15 of those ARC actuators here. I would like to help out. Send me an email with your shipping info and I can get one out to you.

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    ARC Actuators - interchangeable between 1990 & 1994?

    can the ARC shock actuators from a 1994 SC (F4SC-18B012-AA) fit & work properly on a 1990 ( E9SC-18B012-AD). The connector ends look identical however the different part number is causing me doubts. If someone knows for certain would be great to know. Thanks in advance

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