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    Question supercharger boost question

    First off, I apologize for my original posting in the New SC Owner Forum. I'm getting ready to buy a 90 SC w/ auto trans - my question is about the supercharger. The car has about 95k miles and the I've been told that the supercharger boost indicator fluctuates while idling - is this a problem (I had a 88 turbo coupe & the boost would only move when I stepped on the gas)? I was also told that the boost gets up to 10psi - should there be more boost? Any help I really appreciate (I've wanted one of these birds for quite some time & I hope I'm not disappointed). I do understand that these supercharges can go bad pretty much after 60k miles, so I am already prepared to have to spend the money on a new one (any idea of a price - philly area)?

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    the boost gauge should not fluctuate during idle. Boost should hit about 10-12 at WOT. lastly, these superchargers arent really known to go bad at 60000 miles. . not that ive heard at least.

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    Hello. Your post in the new owner forum is acceptable; as you will be a new owner soon! I will Crtl-V here what I posted there:

    As far as flunctuation at idle, I would expect some form of guage problem. Where exactly does the needle sit on the gauge when the car is off? If it is just left of the 0, then the gauge is off, and 10 is normal. If it is at 0, you most likely have a vacuum leak, a simple problem. Theoretically a vac leak could also cause fluncuation at idle. Listen to the supercharger. If it makes a grinding, very loud high pitch whine, or other strange noises, it may have a problem. Remove the screw and check the lucricant, it should be touching the very bottom of the screw. These superchargers commonly last to well over 100,000 miles before they lose any boost, and they almost Never break. They are extremley durable; usually a lubrication problem is the only way to break them. You might also want to ask about any mods done to the car in the past, such as a smaller supercharger pulley. Good luck on the purchase, others will undoubtedly provide more information.

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    Supercharger boost indicator fluctation is normally an indication of Vacuum leak somewhere in the SC system, IC tubes, SC Top.
    Or at least this is what I think...

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