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Thread: Got it running, now many codes

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    Question Got it running, now many codes

    I've got the vaccum leak fixed, after changing the head gaskets. It will at least idle. Seems alittle rough. I ran the codes, Key on Engine off, Got codes 31 and 66 EGR valve position sensor out of range (low) and Mass air flow sensor circut out of range (low) Then I did the test in the run mode. Got codes 41 and 91-- O2 sensors read lean Lt and Rt banks, and again a 31 for the egr sensor. Check engine light is on in the car.

    What does this really mean? Is there just one part casing these problem codes or several?

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated, anixous to get this SC on the road for the first time.
    Thank you

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    I do know that you have to take care of the codes in the order that you receive them, because one could cause the other. So, in your case, take care of 31 key off and go from there.

    There are other posts about codes here, so keep researching.

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