A bunch of V6 Mustangs are getting dyno tuned this Friday in St. Catharines, if we have time we will be having some dyno pulls too, so if anyone wants to come down and possibly get some dyno pulls in they are welcome, or if you just wanna come downand check out some supercharged V6 Mustangs feel free. Just let me know, we may or may not have time for dyno pulls, it all depends on how much time the dyno tuning takes. Email me if you want to get some pulls. Dyno time is $125/hour, so figure a few runs will cost like $50-60, strap down time is roughly 15 mins. We rented the dyno privately so we just split the cost of the rental into hours.

Oh and its a mustang dyno but they can SAE correct it by taking the load off the dyno and letting it free wheel like a dynojet.