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Thread: August car show!!!!

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    August car show!!!!

    Hi all ,

    I've been lookin around for our next meat and taking advantage of this beautiful weather and our great summer!!!so this is the next one. I've responded on an email with this group and yes we will have our own category as the T-birds flakes?just kiddin, i know John is still looking for a name for us. I've been on the driving cruise and car show with these folks and car meat at hooters earlier this year in dublina and definitely a thumbs up. So let me know on who can attend!!!!you all would definitely enjoy this one and also the meat in july.


    Info as follows:_
    More to come but I want everyone to note on your calendar that our 5th Annual Car Show will be happening at Cal State Hayward on August 12, 2006!

    Be there! Great weather, new things planned, beautiful machines! It will be same place as last year at Cal State Hayward and will begin at 10am and lasts until 2pm when the awards are given out. This year is special so we want as many people to come out as possible! Awesome new shirts, food vendors, and more...

    $10!!! Enter Today!!!
    Who: All Ford Makes and Models
    When: August 12, 2006, Lot E2 (Same area as Last Year)
    Where: Cal State Hayward
    Cost: $10 postmarked before July 8, $15 postmarked before August 5, $20 at the show (includes T-shirt)
    Winner: Trophies, Raffles, Giveaways, and More...

    Here are this years classes:
    A: 64-93 Mustang
    B: V6 Mustang
    C: 94-98 GT
    D: 99-04 GT
    E: 94-98 Cobra
    F: 99-04 Cobra
    G: Mach1 & Bullitt
    H: 05-07 Mustang
    I: Signature
    J: Truck
    K: Non-Mustang Ford
    L: Lincoln-Mercury

    Remember, this is peer judging so the judging will be up to you. Only those that enter can judge. This is FREE to all the wish to stop by and check it out!
    Also, specify what SIZE t-shirt you want!

    I should have the flyer complete this week! Looking forward to another great Event! And, yes, this is the same location as last year!

    Send payments to:
    PO Box 1755
    Fremont, Ca. 95438

    Include with check or money order:
    T-shirt Size!
    What Category you will be entering!
    Your Screen name or a contact number if we have any questions!(not needed, just let them know that your with the tccoa/sccoa group and hopefully John will have pamplets for us to advertise our organization and group name!!!I wish we can get t-shirts with TCCOA/SCCOA on them to represent?

    Look forward to seeing you there!

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    So many Mustang shows ..

    - Dan

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