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Thread: Anyone else seen the Cobra SVT motor/SC? pic WOW!

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    supercoupe1990 Guest

    Anyone else seen the Cobra SVT motor/SC? pic WOW!

    I want one for my SC! I wonder if the super charger would fit on our SC's? They're probably like 3-4 grand from a Ford dealer.
    390 BHP at 6000 RPM
    7.5 psi of boost
    (sorry for the crappy pic, scanned from Road & Track)

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    Scott Long Guest


    Gotta love the pulley/belt cover. That'd be the first thing to come off of mine. Then I'd do an intake, gears, lower it, pulley, throttle body, nitrous, and I'd be running 11's.


    1993 Audi quattro 5-speed
    1992 Thunderbird SC 5-speed
    1990 Thunderbird SC auto

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    supercoupe1990 Guest

    Re: ha

    No doubt Scott! I'd love to dump the whole thing including a few sweet mods right into my SC! Not to say The Cobra would be a bad ride! LOL

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    89BlownBrd Guest


    I don't think the blower would fit, it's the M112 they use on the Lightning. From what I've read it's been dynoed at something like 360-370 at the rear wheels in street trim and over 400 with an open exhaust.

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    James Kanterakis Guest

    SVT crapstang, buttstain, rustang

    yeah i read the article,
    Theres two things that have to be said. One: I really really love my SC. Two: Where has mustang been for the last 13 years?????????
    I was at the barber when i read it, does that thing have an intercooler?? air/water?? Or is that why the boost is so low??
    I would bet that thing would have to fit in the bird after all the early birds came with the 5.0 and laters with the 4.6 Maybe we would just need a taller hood.
    Definetly get rid of the SC belt cover who was the dumbass... Question if you open the exhaust on it, ok, what does the boost go down to like 4#s??
    Jim K
    BTW the blowers upside down, uhh, oh i mean ours is. ha
    Where could you get an entire cobra engine without the crappy piece of body around it. And yes, i would be willing to bet that the bird rides way better than any stang.

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    James Kanterakis Guest

    one last question

    With all the torque that thing is running, what kind of tranny do they have, I mean one that can handle it, or doesn't it?? I've read of guys dropping T-5's or 56's or what ever into birds and they (basically) fall apart. Does the new stang have something better???
    Ok thats it no more mustang talk, I've got to go polish the bird hahah
    Jim K

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    BlueSHO Guest

    2003 cobra

    the new cobra has the same air to water intercooler that comes on the lightning. the boost is low because it ALREADY HAS 390HP! it comes with a huge pulley. the lighting pulley is a direct bolt on (since its the same supercharger), and is good for a half second off the 1/4 mile. also, the exhaust is keeping 25-30hp . with just a pulley and exhuast , its said they are good for sub 12 sec runs to 1320 feet on stock rubber. you do those two mods, chip, k&n, tb, udp's, and some mt street slicks on some wide ~~~ wheels, along with a lil bottle, and you've got yourself one helluva monster for pretty cheap

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