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Thread: Ford Expedition and head gaskets???crazy

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    pro street rich Guest

    Ford Expedition and head gaskets???crazy

    I stopped in on the boys at the shop today and I see this new truck sitting there without the body on. Well right away I think that just because the boss is not around they have started a chop shop. I go and ask the shop forman what gives and he says oh nothing,just a head gasket job per Fords new rules. He then explains that this is the new way to do a head job on these trucks..Ford says it is easier to lift the body off to do the job. There are only 10 bolts to undo and a few wire lums and some misc, parts and off it comes. I don't want to see the bill on this one after a few years when the guy has to pay for it themself's. Someday Ford even surprices me with their brain farts... Oh well maybe this would work on our birds as well,what you guys think????....Rich

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    Gt40Capri Guest

    Re: Ford Expedition and head gaskets???crazy

    Well, dropping the engine cradle out of the vehicle is about SOP on a lot of cars for major work. Lifting the bed off of P/U's for fuel pump changes is also SOP. So I suppose lifting the body off an Expedition isn't that bad an idea when you consider that to remove the heads on those things requires removal of the engine.

    On our SC's, dropping the K-member might not be that bad an idea either, but then I don't know what all holds the K in.


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    wellby440 Guest

    Re: Ford Expedition and head gaskets???crazy

    I remember when I worked at a pontiac toyota dealership as a tech. to change plugs on a early 90s grand prix gtp(not supercharged) you had to disconnect the motor mounts and lift the motor up and foward to change the 3 back plugs, that really sucked. On the toyota mr2 turbo you had to drop the motor trany as one peice in the cradel to do most repairs, went to lunch when thoes came in.

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