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Thread: New MP Front Mount Intercooler kit never installed

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    New MP Front Mount Intercooler kit never installed

    I am selling my Magnum Powers front mount intercooler kit. This unit was never installed and is still new and unused. I had to have one of the mounting tabs Tig welded back on due to shipping damage. The repair was correctly done and it looks very nice. I have posted a picture of the damage. I will increase the protection around the mounting tabs when I ship the boxes.

    Looking for $1050 shipped. I prefer paypal, but willing to except a certifed bank check. I will not accept a money order. I will provide paypal account info upon e-mail or P.M. contact.

    I will ship UPS Ground anywhere in the Cont. U.S.A.

    repaired mounting tab

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    It's all boxed up and ready to ship.

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    Would make a nice addition for someone going to the Shoot Out.

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    PM has been sent..

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    Sold Pending Payment to OneFastBird.

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