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Thread: `94 SC ECU w/ DiabloSport DeltaChip

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    `94 SC ECU w/ DiabloSport DeltaChip

    This was removed from a wrecked `94 SC (auto) that was still in perfect running condition. This is one of the parts that I forgot I had left. It is a stock W4D2 calibration ECU (part# F4SF-12A650-JC) with a DiabloSport DeltaChip tuning module installed. This is the switchable tuner for mutiple programs. The car had the standard bolt ons (70mmTB, 73mm MAF, cold air kit, tall blower top, exhaust, smaller blower pully, etc), so the tunes in it should be a good starting point for most bolt on combo cars. But you can always have them changed. The tuner itself is almost $400 new. I'll let the ECU with tuner go for $160 shipped. Oh, and all the other performance parts are gone already. Thanks


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