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Thread: Purchase advice for an SC - Potential new owner

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    1989 sc

    i have a 1989 with 220,000 on it black auto every thing but sunroof and leather in good shape everything works i would take 3500.00 for it iwant a newer one i all so have a 1984 svo mustang to i just got it im in western canada calgary alberta

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    I drive my 90 SC every single day just about, except for the winter time of course. I've only had to replace the steering rack in my car because of normal wear and tear. My car runs 100%, but I don't beat the car either. I take into consideration the year, mileage, etc. and I don't care to ask for troubles and breakdowns by beating my car to death. Shoot, I don't think I've pulled 10lbs of boost from the supercharger since I've owned the car! The only mechanical issue my car had when I bought it was the 2nd gear synchros were bad. This winter the tranny will be rebuilt using the brass bushings instead of the cheap ones Ford installed. Other than that, my car is terrific!
    Maybe I'm wrong, but to me, $1000 for that SC is high. With all the gremlins and broken things on that car, it is going to cost you quite a bit of money to get everything fixed. Keep in mind the trim, interior pieces and things like that are probably exclusive to the Anniversary Edition and will be much harder to locate. And when you do locate the parts, you will pay a higher price for them just because of the rarity of the car.
    I paid $1100 for my 90 SC and it's been a great car and I have had no problems with it at all except for someone installing an aftermarket stereo and destroying the wiring behind the dash.
    Keep looking for a car in better shape. You don't want to invest in a SC that needs a bunch of work right off. You want one you can drive and enjoy a bit so you get hooked, then when things do go wrong, and they won't get discouraged so easily and give up on your car. Keep in mind, as with anything else, you get what you pay for.
    There is absolutely no way I will ever be without my SC again. In fact, my wife now wants one, but she's holding out for an automatic.

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    $1000 sounds like way to much! I just bought my 93 for $2900 and other than a few paint chips on the hood its imaculate and everything works! perfect interior etc.. I would keep shopping!
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    Way to pull up a 3 year old thread.

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