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Thread: 94 SC gets some fresh paint and a 1993 bumper!

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    Mike Manzo Guest

    94 SC gets some fresh paint and a 1993 bumper!

    SInce I was lightly rear ended (just beat up the rear bumper cover a little and smushed the reinforcement a tad), I decided to do something that I wanted to do for a while. I am replacing the 94 bumper with the 93 and below style...

    I love that style and originally did not like the 94-95 because I thought one of the SC's finer traits was it's great ~~~ and the 94-95 bumper did nothing for me...Not saying that it is ugly or something, but I like the 93 bumper better...

    Yeah, so the entire car is getting some attention as well while it is there....

    But I wonder if before I 100% decide to do this, will this REALLY screw up my chances for resale if I choose to sell it down the line??? In other words it would no longer be original and obviously had some body work done to it...

    Whaddaya all think??

    I was also going to have the 94 bumper refinished and keep it...


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    OneSweet89SC Guest

    Re: 94 SC gets some fresh paint and a 1993 bumper!

    Just a suggestion...
    I've always liked the way the 89-93 SC's have the molding that wraps all the way around the car (including the back bumper) where the 94-95's just had the trim on the side and was not continued around the back. If you do go with the 93 bumper, see what it would look like adding the older molding to the quarter panel in front of the rear wheel so that the line continues around the car. Take a look at George's SWB, he has the same basic concept going with the late style front bumper, early style rear bumper, and trim to blend the two. Like I said, just a thought. Good luck.


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    Scott Long Guest


    I think it will look sweet. I personally like the 94/95 trim better.

    On my 92 I'm putting on the newer trim and 96/97 door handles. On my 90 I'm considering the same if I do a new paint job and change the color, but those plans are top secret for now.


    1992 Thunderbird SC 5-speed
    1990 Thunderbird SC automatic
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    Superbird244 Guest

    Re: cool

    hey you wouldnt be interested in selling that beat up and smooched bumper cover would you?

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