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Thread: 2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

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    91BLOWNSC Guest

    2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

    Well this was my second time at the track..the first time i couldn't break out of the 15.3's and I assumed my car would run better. I have a 91 SC Auto with 116k miles. 10% OD pulley, ZR intake, Opened up exhaust, and for this 2nd time at the track i added a intercooler fan. Well the first run was a 15.315 @ 92 MPH and i thought it was going to be the same old thing. Then I ran a 15.229 @ 90 MPH. The first time i had the RPMS up to high when power braking it to get a good launch and i peeled out for a LONG time. Then the second run i lowered it a little less. And ran a little better with a little less wheel sping. Then I did it at 1400 RPMS and it started peeling out and then all of a sudden it hooked. I knew it was a good run. Anyways I increased my MPH from 89 for the best last time to almost 94. And took .5 seconds off my 1/4 mile time. So not to shabby. And Im sure the intercooler fan helped cause my intercooler was chilled. Anyways Just thought I would post the results. I have the time slips and a scanner but dont' know how to post it so i am not going to i suppose.

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Re: 2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

    This is a very nice improvement
    Once you get her to hook up every run it will get lower the 60ft comes down a bunch

    Try next time shifting at 5500 rpm I shifted at 6000rpm's and it was better at 5500 cam ran out at 5700rpm's

    If you go with a 2500 stall converter and sticky tires that will help you as well your looking good keep up the great work

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    SVTman 74 Guest

    Re: 2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

    Cant shift an auto at 5500, it will hit the rev limiter. the best bet with these autos is to let them shift by them selves.

    91blownSC do you goto miklan often?? I usuall go every wed, but I am now working nights, I will be probably going though in the next few weeks.

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Re: 2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

    No you don't let them shift by them selves
    I have a Hypertec chip it doesn't hit the limiter at all nor did it without the chip

    If you want to fun fast you have to shift it if you let it shift on its own it will go right into high gear quick SLOW TIMES

    No one lets it shift by its self don't tell him wrong please

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    white91sc Guest

    Re: 2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

    Actually, in the early SC's you can manually shift an automatic to 5,500 if you want. You can go to 6,000 if you really want to but I wouldn't try it. I had my best results with 5,200 first and 4,800 2nd gear. It may have done better a little higher but I wasn't willing to try it.

    Try 1,200 rpms next time on a stock tq converter, I think you'll be happy with it. Sticky tires, 3.73 gears, and more like a 2200-2400 tq converter and you're times will really drop. I've seen real gains from mafs and underdrives too and both are under $200. You can pick up a decent tq converter for about $300 and shift kit for a little over $100. May I suggest going mild to moderate on the shift kit. Another option for about $350 is a lentech valve body which gives you the ability to manually shift and hold first second and 3rd and lockout overdrive electronically. Yes, I do know this can be done with the stock setup but its hard on it. With transmission mods, and you should really stock anyway, just make sure you change your fluid every year and run an aftermarket cooler in addition to your stock cooler. If you're mechanically inclined port your exhaust manifolds to get a little more out of it.

    Beyond that, its going to be time for injectors and I'd probably strongly consider upgrading your fuel pump at this time, especially if you do the trans mods because its down anyway and good insurance for $80.

    By the way, that's pretty decent mph.

    Adam Mullen
    The SC Kid

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    91BLOWNSC Guest


    Well not to often I don't wanna be excessively hard on my car but yeah I will be up there prolly more than i would like to admit this summer. Its so damn fun! Yeah I don't shift it myself because I can't really afford to hurt my trans. Im 19 is sort of a problem. But thanks for the advice guys. Oh and SVT man if you ever wanna go up just let me know I will see if I can make it. I know i will go again soon with my friends who still need to run there cars. So i hope to see you there!

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    91BLOWNSC Guest


    I also have a question for you guys. The exhaust work I have done now is very simple really. I added 2.5 inch downtubes and put a Y-pipe in place of the resonator. Well I still have stock mufflers. And I think my car sounds not to good. Anyways I just bought a magnaflow resonator and 2 dynomax turbo mufflers. Is this going to hurt my performance becuase of adding the resonator back in there plus the weight. Or will it be better seeing as how my stock mufflers will be gone? Any ideas?

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    DCClark Guest

    Re: Also...

    Upgrading the stock tubing is nice to do, 2.5 - 3 - 2.5 is alot of flow. If it is all mandrel bent, it is going to be better than the compression bent stock tubing. I run 2.25 - 3 - 2.5, resonator - Magnaflow, and two dynomax 'bullit' mufflers. Too drony for my taste, someday I will get around to replacing them. Even if it is compression bent again, the stock tubing has some 90 degree bends that scope down to atleast 2" which can cause backpressure. I say replace it all. You have the 3 expensive parts, the tubing isnt much at all.

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    91BLOWNSC Guest


    How do you think mine will sound then? Will the turbo mufflers be much quieter than the bullit ones you have? I am going for the quieter sound if at all possible! Thanks.

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    GooeyGus Guest

    Re: DCClark.

    i have bridgestone potenza re-730 tires with stock trq. converter with transgo shift kit. by itself it wont shift until 5500 rpm when gunned. i launch it at about 2000rpm and these tires HOOK UP NICE. i haven't gotten to run the track yet but i'm assuming mid 14's

    other stuff i have: p&p heads, mac intake, TBT raised top, 3:55 gears, 190lph fuel pump, full flowmaster exhaust with no cats, 10% (not on yet but soon), probably some other stuff i cant remember.

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    Jimmy 2Coupes Guest

    Re: 2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

    I don't know about the earlier model SC's but it's best to let the computer do the shifting on the 94/5's.

    Nice time 91BLOWNSC. I hope to see you at Milan sometime.

    [img]* 9T!xMCj7r45Yi*lUSwXAfcS5sqHm8vXHlgu1g/21_22A.jpg[/img]

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    SVTman 74 Guest

    Re: 2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

    Jim Demmit:
    Dont you have a 5 speed??

    I dont know about the 89-93 autos, but my 95 auto hits the cut off at 5500, I know this because I have tried it. best times for STOCK ( not chipped) are done by the computer shifting. end of story.

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    Tory Smith Guest

    Re: 2nd time at the track (milan). 14.887@93.95 MPH.

    I hate letting the AOD shift itself. It shifts at like 4000 RPMs. I don't think my V6 makes much power at 4000. The best thing to do would probably be a shift kit but if you have to You can shuffle shift the old AOD. I would only do it when racing I hear it is hard on the tranny.

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    SVTman 74

    SVTman 74
    No I have an AOD with an Art Carr 2500 stall
    I was shifting at 5200-5500 I tryed 6000 but the cam ran out at 5700rpm's

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    Derek R Guest

    Re: SVTman 74

    There should be a 1-2 limiter on the 94/95s that you will hit unless you modify the valve body. It can also be removed if you desire.

    On a 4R70W, I agree with everyone who says you should let the computer command the shift for you. When you manually shift, 100% of the time your car will run slower.

    Simply understanding the power curve your car has coupled with where your gears drop you off after the shifts and have the EEC tuned to shift at your desired points.

    And yes, Shane, Jimmy we need to get together at Milan soon.

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