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Thread: going to the parts store. WHATS THE BEST BRAND MOTOR MOUNTS?

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    supafly223 Guest

    going to the parts store. WHATS THE BEST BRAND MOTOR MOUNTS?

    Its a 90 SC with 80 k on it.. i think they need to be changed. whats the best brand? solid rubber right?

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    tbird88 Guest

    Re: going to the parts store. (buncha CAPS deleted)

    I just strolled into O'Reillys and bought the $21 mounts and put 'em on. Mighta not been the right ones but got the oil pan off the steering rack & P/S line and got my car back on the road.

    Change the tranny mount while you're at it.


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    TbirdSCFan Guest

    Re: going to the parts store. (buncha CAPS deleted)

    Solid is better. I went with the Anchor brand from Autozone due to time and availability, but they came with a lifetime warranty. I'm mentally preparing for the looks on their faces when I show up in four years with my flattened mount pieces. Im sure they won't be counting on that.

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    Shockwave Guest

    Re: going to the parts store. (buncha CAPS deleted)

    TbirdSCFan ,I did the same thing for my nephew's 90 and used the Anchor liquid filled. His engine is so smooth it's incredible. You used liquid filled too righ?. Have you had any problems with them?


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    Scott Long Guest


    Liquid filled are smooth but they'll leak, give 'em time...

    I take it Auto Zone doesn't stock solid motor mounts? I interviewed with them today, so if I get hired, I'm gonna order a whole bunch of stuff, motor mounts, tranny mounts, B&M stall convertor, 2 sets of 8.8 gears, maybe a radiator, head gasket set, tranny cooler, etc...


    1992 Thunderbird SC 5-speed
    1990 Thunderbird SC automatic
    1993 Audi quattro 5-speed

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    MN12 Performance

    MN12 Performance has solid rubber motor mounts
    I bought two sets real nice quality

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    TbirdSCFan Guest

    Re: MN12 Performance


    They've held up OK so far. They are very smooth. But I'm going to keep a close eye on the passenger side mount. When I looked at it earlier today, I thought the limit arm was rather low (close to the bottom of the square retainer) compared to when I installed it. Not a good sign.

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    Mike8675309 Guest

    Re: MN12 Performance

    Our cars have low end torque. That puts quite a bit of strain on the motor mounts. Especially if you like to take off hard from a stop, or do things like burnouts.

    (I can't imagine anyone that would try to do that)

    Solid mounts, when they fail, are not as likely to cause your engine to drop much. The material is still all there , it's just torn.

    The problem with the liquid mounts is two fold.
    #1 They have less guts holding the top and bottom of the mount together.
    #2 When they fail, the collapse as the fluid leaks out and the engine can then rub on stuff.

    BTW - George posted this number a few weeks ago for a solid motor mounts:
    I also have this Sealed Power number for solid mounts 270-2864 that you might find locally.

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