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Thread: '89 Super Coupe - Bill Elliott

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    '89 Super Coupe - Bill Elliott

    Does anybody know about a thunderbird built for Bill Elliott? I have seen the car; It had a seperate Body Buck tag with Bill Elliott's name on it (1989 Winston Cup Champion), right next to the original one. Do you know how many of these were made for him? It was a 1989 Supercoupe. Please let me know. Thank you.

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    Its just a dealer option. Its a cool little apperance pacakge but nothing anyone really kills for

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    The Option Package was a special promotion that was factory "installed" at Lorain.
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    option package?
    A car cover, a signed build sheet and some decals.

    most disappointing 'rare option package' evar.

    it's like saying omg i found the ultra rare xyz option package, steel wheels with ABS but no power steering with leather seats! absolutely NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT IT.
    completely irrelevant and has ZERO value. I mean come on, a sticker? that's it?
    At least upgrade the wheels/tires, or change the paint a LITTLE BIT... or even use a nicer sticker.

    I would be pissed if the dealer wanted $100 over the MSRP for the Bill Elliot package-- just for his autograph.
    the idea of even calling it an option package makes me mad.


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    it's one of those deals where you have to be a bill elliott fan to appreciate it.i've been a fan of bills since 1983 so i think it's pretty rare. i remember when that red one was for sale and i wish i would have bought don't knock something when you can't understand what kind of fan value it has,by the way bill has been nascars most popular driver about 12 times and the top speed record holder, 212.869 mph at talledega.
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    Victor at Spinningwheels has one if you want to inquire about it. I have never seen it but its suppose to be a real nice car


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    Cool Bill Elliot SC

    Im a proud owner of a 92 Bill Elliot SC it Is in great shape I have all the original paper work from the dealer. I was gonna try to keep it stock but I can't I have to add some performance parts to it. I guess I have to start from the bottom up. If anyone can suggest were to start let me I'm on a tight bugget.

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    didnt bill set the record in a tbird

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