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Thread: Horrible problem

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    i mustve been thinking about something else. sry. i know there is something computer related in there that isnt on the sc's. but yea, that fuse is good. man, im tired of this already. heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by specops_SC View Post
    ......believe my computer is fried. going to try to get one here and if not, guess im spending 270 bucks on a reman.. thanks to everyone for their input and help.


    What is your catch code ?
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    If your car ran fine before you installed the headers perhaps something is unplugged. perhaps the coolant temp sensor is unplugged and when your car goes into closed loop,and the computer starts using the sensors the computer goes full rich and your engine dies. Just a guess, I am putting headers on my 95 now a pretty big job, I found a bad motor mount on the driver side, the passenger side has been changed (the easy side :-) Good luck, I hope you find out whats wrong.

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    I am a newby here and I could be way off, but I believe you have a similar problem to the 02 sensor fix from a previos post. I believe when your engine cools down which is when your computer is going open loop your engine will start and run. But as soon as it warms up and reaches operating temperature and the computer goes into closed loop is when your engine dies.

    The ecm uses information from the sensors which are usually variable resistors: thermo,electrical or mechanical based on a 5v reference voltage (your 02's are .01v to .9v they make their own low voltage) so if there is an open in the temp circuit or defective coolant sensor the computer will adjust the fuel ratio as if it is 50 below zero.

    I would make sure you do not have spark when the engine dies, I suspect it does.

    If it is dying at the same temp every time, it is dying when your engine is going into closed loop, I would check your sensors (including maf) and the circuits from the sensors back to the ecm particularly the wires that could have been disturbed while changing the exhaust.

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by specops_SC View Post
    hey sc power, yea, i tried cam sensor swaps. the tach jumps around a little while starting and the upshift light goes out. sometimes it wont come on and the car still wont start, but usually right after it dies it'll stay on during cranking. also, the ignition switch swap did nothing to help the problem. we hooked up a voltmeter to the pip input wire right at the computer to verify it was receiving a signal which it did right to the very end. it was in the 6.0-6.2 volts range. wire 56 dark blue on the pcm module. so, this along with the 211 (pip signal loss) code that we got has led me to believe my computer is fried. going to try to get one here and if not, guess im spending 270 bucks on a reman.. thanks to everyone for their input and help.

    Is your DIS mounted above the A/C? If it is you may want to remove it and apply some heat sync compound to it. Either that it might be bad.

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