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    ok thanks dave

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    I would recommend replacing stock downtubes w/2.25" downtubes (w/no cats) and magnaflow resonator, that should be around $200 in parts. I would do that at the very least before adding any boost. Once that's done then you can get a 5% pully and get a new belt. I hope that helps

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    Use the 5% jackshaft pulley instead of the 5% s.c. pulley to help avoid belt slip

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbirdaj View Post
    Use the 5% jackshaft pulley instead of the 5% s.c. pulley to help avoid belt slip
    i never had any belt slippage with a 5% and stock belt...
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    Hey I see you are from michigan. Put a flowmaster resonator on there (can get from jegs/summit/super coupe performance) and then run 2.5" pipe back to a Y then 2 1/4" out to either side with turndowns up behind the bumper in the stock location. I don't run mufflers on my car. I also had new downtubes made without cats. In Michigan we don't have inspections so you can get away without cats. You can buy catless downtubes, and a resonator, and then install the downtubes, take it to a shop and have them mount the resonator and run the rest of the pipe. Most shops won't cut the cats off but if you come in with them already off and ask to have some pipes welded they will usually do that. Might not give you a receipt but you can get it done.

    I'd say no more than 5% overdrive. I have 10% overdrive, stock IC, ic fan, and it pulls timing. I want to go back to stock pulley and get a 5% jackshaft pulley and leave it be until I get a bigger intercooler and a ported late model blower and mp plenum. Thats just got to hold me over till I buy a new MP3 or maybe an Auto Rotor in the future.
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