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Thread: EGR ?? Have read all past forums/Still have ?

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    Exclamation EGR ?? Have read all past forums/Still have ?

    I have blocked off the exhaust manifold where egr tube was attached. (Egr tube was cracked in half where the "accordian" looking section was at). What would happen if I just left the rest of the tube attached to the egr valve and left it open? Instead having exhaust gases going into my intake I would have fresh air going in when the EGR opens. Can this cause any damage to anything else? Car seems to be running same as always (Which is good), no CEL and havent seemed to lose any MPG. Havent noticed any pinging in the motor either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am being lazy and dont want to tear off the top of the intake if I dont have to. Thanks
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    Exclamation Can someone please give me an answer to this ?

    Cans someone please answer this question for me. I am not an SC mechanic but am trying to learn all that I can.

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    If you block any of the EGR system it is imperitive that you block all of it. Introducing fresh air at that point would be disasterous to the motor.
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    yeah you should block it from sucking false air in (air that has not been measured by the maf). otherwise you do will run lean. you can leave the electronics on so you wont get a cel.

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    Agree with the above….in addition, even though this would make up a small percentage of your air intake, it is unfiltered air!

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    Thanks for the input...I really appreciate it.

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