I found out what it is...

There's an electrical cable that attaches to the back of the alternator that essentially shorted out. It melted and completely broke off. That would pretty much cause the problems I've been having.

Now I'm onto another problem...getting it fixed. No parts store that I've been to can get me something that will replace it. It is part of the main wiring harness, which of course, is obsolete.

Now I'm faced with having to locate a wiring diagram to find out exactly where this cable goes so that I can replace it. I can't trace it though because 1) it's cold out and I don't have a garage, 2) I'll have to pull the engine to have enough room to trace it, and 3) I know there are wiring diagrams out there that will tell me what I need to know.

Can this get any more fun?!?!?!

I've got a nice SC finally...one little part breaks, and no one has the replacement part, so I'm left with a nice looking SC that doesn't drive! Got to love these cars!