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Thread: LSX Mustang?

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    LSX Mustang?

    You guys are never going to believe what we're doing! Check out this Mustang we're putting an LSX engine in:

    Now this is a true Mustang Heretic!

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    Did I read that right? A Chevy motor in a new Mustang? I dont care how fast it is, that just aint right

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    What channel is that TV show on???

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    Did I read that right? A Chevy motor in a new Mustang? I dont care how fast it is, that just aint right
    As long as its american. Just be glad they arent throwing in a turbo charged civic motor, with a custom designed coffee can exhaust system.

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    That car looks cool. I'd like to see how it turns out.


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    ehhh phoey!..Someone put a ford motor in a chevy already!
    They don't call me "SLOWPOKE" for nothin!
    Quote Originally Posted by ricardoa1 View Post
    I love the filter. Its pimp. paper element and 10Mircron filtration, 12" long cause size matters.

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    they have been doin it for a while. i like the idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7birdslater View Post
    Did I read that right? A Chevy motor in a new Mustang? I dont care how fast it is, that just aint right
    I like that idea. I hate mustangs so to kick the crap out of the usual mustang crowd using one of their own with a GM power plant would just be killer. I like Ford better than GM, but lets face it...the blue oval forgot about us long ago. They never liked the idea of the T-bird being a power mochine and that is why our parts are non-existant as it sits now. Just like the 4.6 2v. It didnt get any support until almost (if not more) a decade after it had already been in production. They are still having problems with some of the aftermarket intakes that people are attempting to produce and FAST has already come out with a new one for the 3v engine.

    As far as the Ford in a GM...there is a guy in KS that posted his SC powered 48 GMC a few months ago.


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    Haha......they said it was a "2006 Ford Mustang GT" but then they dropped the "Stock V6 engine" out of it.

    I didnt think that the GTs had a v6

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    they wouldnt do that to a GT, those 3valves make good power, thanks to those intake manifolds, about damn time ford used an idea from GM and CHRYSLER,

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