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Thread: cervins ram air hood

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    tbirddan90 Guest

    cervins ram air hood

    Hey question on this hood. how does it fit and look with the 89-93 head lights?

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    92rollingthunder Guest

    Re: cervins ram air hood

    thats how it looks on my car
    [img]*20a4v*EuN7wmmqboGBD0s9iP iVOL2NnGGpuAAKd7vPKAOolCgp1Q7ZLySWt7g/sctext1.jpg[/img]

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    scroach Guest

    Re: cervins ram air hood

    Pretty good if you ask me, but that is my car.

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    Boomin Boy Guest


    personally i think they look awesome

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    Thomas A Guest

    Re: good

    The fitment and finish is excellent compared to others. In fact, the body shop that did mine(same one that built the SWB Birds) said that Cervanis is the only company that they will bother working with. Here is some pics of mine:


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    Boomin Boy Guest

    carvinis vs cowl

    who else prefers the look of a carvini hood over a cowl??

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    tbirddan90 Guest

    Re: cervins ram air hood

    Thanks for the pics and info. I'm working on getting that hood for my 90 bird. And was just wondering if there would be fitting problems with the 89-93 style headlights. But apperntly not.


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