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Thread: New 89 cougar xr7 owner

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    New 89 cougar xr7 owner

    Hi guys! I just bought this cougar from "storm_dragon" on here a little over a month ago ( Its a 1989 cougar XR7 with a 5 speed. I just bought some plugs and wires for it yesterday so hopefully i will get it running right. From there the plans are to save up to fix the body. I would like to put a mach 1 hood from scp on it, 91 cougar grill & headlights along with some sc gfx. Right now it needs rocker panels, possibly floorboard patches(will have to look more in the light), abs/master cylinder assembly(brakes are very hard, and fluid is leaking onto the carpet), clutch, and balljoints. Here are some pictures i have taken of the car:

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    Howdy, from a fellow 89 XR7 owner.
    Mines an auto trans, white with red interior.

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    Nice cars guys..Good to see more XR-7,s ...I also have an 89 5-Speed ,black...Had it less than a year...An love that its so rare...Most people i talk to never heard about the car....Keep them,restore them...Don,t crush,em.....

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    Unfortunately I am full of knowledge of rust and rust spots.

    Every time I poked and prodded I discovered more rust but if you start you might as well keep going.

    It is not an easy fix just be patient make sure your welding buddy owes you a favour or two and you will get through it. I'm hoping to finish up in the next few weeks.

    Here's some pics of my disaster WARNING: Not for the faint of heart!
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    I still havent built up the courage to take my ground effects off yet. I don't think it is rusted too bad though
    Me-89 SC 5-speed 1.7 Autorotor twin screw over 443rwhp 20psi
    Her-95 SC auto 1.7 KB 400rwhp 17psi
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