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Thread: boost levels

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    hehehe.. i know for a fact that that car is FAST!

    i was grinning for hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinhumane View Post
    hehehe.. i know for a fact that that car is FAST!

    i was grinning for hours.
    How do you think I feel.

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    Smile I got 27 with belt slip...

    That's right, 27 lbs with slipping going on as well. I just put another guage on it that was tested before install to see if it was on the $$$ and it is.
    Setup, MPX, coated rotors,M.P.s' 10 rib setup with springs. and all the od that Charles could get me... Going thru kook's long tubes, no cats and Borla stainless exhaust..
    This boost is at WOT at max rpm's... This will be some kind of a test to see how long the engine stays together with all this boost that is for sure.. I do know that if I drive like my age I can keep the boost down to almost nothing if I really try.. Sure it can be done, but it is not much fun that way....Rich
    Too many cars,too little time to drive them. Anything less than 500 cubes is a small block. If you slow down in life you will get run over..

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    89 5spd Early model blower....Currently 9psi

    Slightly ported Intake I/C tube..Ported SuperCharger entry and i/c tube...Nothing done to the exit.....Slightly ported heads..Ported stock T/B exit and plenium...No resonator..Stock cats..Y pipe into one muffler...Stock air box w/k&n..70mm maf...

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    15 during the day ??at night it's peged
    1986 mustang SVO. my SC habit is cured for now;);)

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