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Thread: SC won't run

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    SC won't run

    I'm putting together an 89 sc that has been apart for 4 years or so. Have it to the point where i'd like to run it but it won't go. If you pour fuel into the manifold it will start and run until it burns up that fuel so that tells me its getting spark. I installed a new fuel filter. Checked my fuel pressure at the rail and its at 40 psi with just the key turned on and also while the engine is cranking. Connected test lights to a few of the injectors and they seem to be pulsing fine. Not sure what the problem is. Pulled the codes and I got 2. They are "maf sensor circuit out-of-range(low)" and "clutch switch circuit failed" Not sure if these would be a problem for it to not run. If anybody has any suggestions or advice I would be glad to hear them as I can't figure it out.
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    The maf code is weird, but wouldint cause a no start condition. Sounds like your injectors need some attention, they might be getting the signal but that doesint mean they're squirting out the motion lotion. What kind of test light did you hook up to the injectors and how?

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    I'd probably also check another few things...

    -Is the fuel in the tank also 4 yrs old? If so, it may be stale. If there's not much in there, maybe you could add some fresh fuel to it?

    -Look for any major vacuum leaks, or disconnected hoses.

    -Test the Voltage coming out of the TPS to be at the proper value with the key on and the throttle closed.

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    I hooked up an actual injector test light to the injector. As for the fuel I had pumped the tank dry then put some fresh stuff in. Everything seems to be connected and tight. I will have to check on the voltage at the TPS. My next step I think will be checking the injectors themselves as they just might be really dirty from sitting idle for 4 years.

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