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Thread: Can an Oil Pump be reused

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    Can an Oil Pump be reused

    Stupid Question....If I put a new oil pump on my car M-246. Will I be able to reuse it when it comes time to rebuild another motor.

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    Is that the # for the 94-95 pump? You can reuse it but what happends is the timming cover wears and thats where you will gain clearance between the gears and the cover. Maybe just have it resurfaced or replace it when you rebuild. I have reused some pumps but I pick up a rebuild kit for them.

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    There are rebuild kits for the pumps, and if there is over 60k miles on the pump I'd rebuild it. Helps clear up any clearance between the lobes and/or the shafts that has occurred over time. Other than that you should be able to reuse it.

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