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Thread: Parting out 95 SC

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    Parting out 95 SC

    We just bought an Automatic Black 95 SC. The car has been hit in the driver? quarter panel. The only damage to the rear bumper cover is a small tear that could be repaired. It wasn't running at the time, but we are waiting on the Ignition Module. My brother is a professional mechanic (and a darn good one) and from his gatherings the module is all we need. He is the only person other than myself or my dad that will ever touch my vehicles, so I trust his judgement fully.

    Now, down to the nitty gritty. The interior is pretty much ragged out, o the seats would only be good for re-covering. There is en extra ECM in the car, although the condition is unknown until we get the car running. We won't be able to sell any driveline parts until the motor is running so that we can check it all out. As far as I know, the engine and rear differential are the only two items not up for sale in the future. I am going to keep the engine to use for possible upgrades to my 90 SC (supercharger, fuel injectors, etc.) The car has 150K miles on it, so condition of parts should be asumed as such. The electronic ride control does work for sure.

    Just PM me or email my dad for specifics or questions.
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    PM sent to ya!! thanks!!

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    Are the exhaust manifolds for sale?

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    None of the engine parts are for sale until we can get the engine running, but as soon as that happens I'll let everyone know.

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    Gauge Cluster or just speedometer

    I need either the whole gauge cluster or just the speedometer...shipped to 43567

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