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Thread: Any SC's from Long Island or NY?

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    quiksil33 Guest

    Any SC's from Long Island or NY?

    Hey guys,
    I was just curious if any of you guys are located near the long island area of new york or close 2, I was just out with my girlfriend and myself and a really nice white sc went at it for a second or 2, I was curious if he was a member on here, well if anyone lives on the island or around here, get back to me ( i drive a 93 black sc auto with new tran and engine, no major modes to date)

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    Ken94 Guest


    LOL....hey man, that was me. 94 white SC. I just got it back yesterday from ford. I live right in smithtown. Like 15 minutes away from you or your girlfriend. Anyway, that was fun, most SCer's I see around town won't go for a run. Anyway my names Ken, if you want were having kind of a small meet on saturday and Mike Jr.'s shop, were gonna be doing headgaskets on his car and come to think of it I might put a lower thermostat in and a overdrive pulley. Throw me a ring on my cell 631-804-9053 or right back email/SN, take care man, nice run.

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    Blackbird90 Guest

    wats up man LI SC here

    hey bro wats up?
    hey ken wats up man how everything?
    i'm over in massapequa with a 35th sc.
    It's cool having other supercoupers on the island.
    i say we all meet up and chill.

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    92rollingthunder Guest

    Re: wats up man LI SC here

    Hey Ken
    i asked Denis to give me the address or the direction to that place
    email me
    or call me cell# 917-627-6463

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    m6t442 Guest

    LI SCs

    Hey, I am not form Long Island, but my parents have a house there. I would be could to hang with other NY guys sometime. I was with the Jersey guys before and they are a great bunch and are greowning fast. Any ideas for a meet soon? You guys don't drag at LID do you?

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    Ken94 Guest

    Bellmore tonight!!!

    If anyone wants to go to bellmore tonight if my cell a call. Maybe we can all meet up 631-804-9053.

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    wellby440 Guest

    Re: Bellmore tonight!!!

    Why are all the sc in LI I just rescued my 35th from smithtown. I live in queens and I almost never see a sc around here I dieing to talk to some other sc people.

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    Deep6 Guest

    I live far far away...

    All the way in Albany Ny. However, "chuck93SC" lives near bellmore, he is a cool dude to hang out with.

    Post over on the "greater New York" Forum.

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    pimped90sc Guest

    live in North Shore

    if anyone would like to meet i live in North Shore.

    email at

    there are no other SC's near me either

    FS:1990 Tbird SC, pics at

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    92rollingthunder Guest

    Re: Wellby440

    where in Queens are you im in brooklyn but i work in LIC Queens
    email me dude

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    MN12 KID Guest

    Re: Any SC's from Long Island or NY?

    Yo, '92 5spd, Silver SC in the house!!! Am I the only 5 speeder here?!?!? Anyway, I'm from Centereach, NY - just five minutes from Smithhaven Mall. Drop a buzz - 6314840930. SCYA!

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