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Thread: 95 SC's can stomp 93 SC's...* pic *

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    tbird88 Guest

    95 SC's can stomp 93 SC's...* pic *

    Overheard at the Houston Blower Crew meeting on Friday night...


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    Scott Long Guest


    Only if I'm driving his car then it can school a 94+ SC stock. But only at the track, not necessarily on the street. His tires only hook up at the track. Go figure.


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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: well...

    hey scott im getting better im not THAT bad

    my tires do tend to spin a bit on the street though. but at the track..... theres nothing like Douglas Drag radials :lol:

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    Phil Kuhn Guest

    Re: well...


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    forcefed95sc Guest

    Re: well...

    well my 95 as talked about in the pic is just slightly moded now. lol...

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    Todd Jelle Guest

    Re: well...

    ~~~ is a Douglas DR???

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: well...

    that is me being a smartass.... on that 14.6 second run of scotts, the car had Douglas T rated touring tires, that hooked up like DR's so i was saying i had DR douglas tires :lol:

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