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Thread: So I finally bought a '90 SC Off another board member

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    So I finally bought a '90 SC Off another board member

    I've finally taken pics of my car with my digital camera so i wanted to post a thread and let everyone know about my baby.

    Up until some what recently, I drove a 1990 Ford Thunderbird LX. This car wasnt bad, it had some really neat options... about 140hp... was luxurious, I loved it.

    I said "up until recently" because a rotten tree fell out of my back yard and landed on my car. Realistically, the damage was moderate. Heavy denting of the roof, but that's about it. To the insurance company, however, my car was totalled.
    Here are some pics of the tree on my car if you're interested.

    I originally bought the car for $2500 with 155K on it... I ran it for 2 years, got it up to 174K. The insurance company decided my car was worth $2700 to them, so that's what I got.

    I went on the market for a new car, but I already had one in mind.

    While I drove my little Thunderbird, I dreamed of owning a Supercoupe.

    I went browsing the interet for quite a bit, I had been posting on the boards of (Supercoupe Club of America) and found many cars for sale. I looked at several cars that were gorgeous, but slightly out of my price range. Finally I found one with slight body damage that I ended up paying $2200 for, which is $300 less than I paid for my LX.

    Here are pics of my old car (first) and my new car (second).
    Notice the sublte differences... slightly larger wheels (16" instead of 15") and more stylish rims. Subtle ground effects... I absolutely love how my Supercoupe looks.

    As you can see, I took a picture of my SC that showed none of the damage (its a glamour shot basically).

    I have a few other pics of my car to show to people...

    One of the engine (linked for size... and the fact thats its dirty and not everyone wants to see it).

    Here's a nice shot of the dash with my aftermarket Sony CD Player

    Here's an Interior shot

    Another general pic of the car...

    Now... when I mentioned that I had gotten the car for a good price because of body damage... This is what I mean.

    As you can see... the whole rear fender is pretty dinged up and is currently primered. A Close-Up of the damage can be seen here.

    Another thing that brought down the price was the condition of the front seats (abysmal). They are leather seats with lumbar supports and all... everyone that rides in my car swears they are the most comfortable seats they've ever sat in... but their condition is horrible.

    The guy I bought the car from has a contact of a guy who is selling seats almost exactly like mine but in perfect condition, so I may be replacing these soon.

    There are a few other minor annoyances with the car.

    One is a bad alternator. After driving the car for a short time, The battery light will come up. I found out that basically whenever the battery light is on... the alternator is not charging and its running on battery energy alone.

    I bought a new alternator off yet another board member, and its in the mail. Cant wait to install this for more reliability.

    Another problem I have in an electric seatbelt problem.

    The Automatic seatbelt is pretty old so it locks up pretty easily, and it causes my Seatbelt light on the dash to stay on at all times. I tried cleaning it out, but other than that, I really have no idea how to get the sensor to clear up.

    The performance capabilities, along with the styling and the Thunderbird name are enough to make me love my car.

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    Nice turn-over. The SC looks to be in good shape.

    Nice find.

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    none of the pics worked for me?

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    The pictures are hosted on my DSL... which I'm afraid goes down quite a bit.

    I can general keep it up if I'm home, but a lot of the times it'll die while I'm out and wont connect until I restart the modem.

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