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its just a relay!

why not get a new relay and use the current relay housing? or you can even paint the numbers on the new relay??

I don't get the point.
I'm keeping my car date-code correct, since it's such an original and well-preserved example. It is a long-term "keeper" for my collection, and is being used as a reference car for an OFS manual that I'm writing for the VTCI. It is essentially "retired" from use.

I have a replacement starter relay on the car now. Although it looks correct to the casual observer, it has a few discrepancies (extra small terminal, no logo, no P/N, no date code). If it were possible to easily swap the original housing onto a new coil assembly, I'd go for that, but it is a riveted assembly. If disassembled, I'd need to be able to duplicate the original rivet style.

The logo, P/N, and date coding are all laser-engraved onto the black phenolic relay body, and can't be duplicated with paint. While it IS possible to laser engrave a generic black relay, it would need to be correct in all other details. And then, the graphics would have to be duplicated to present the correct appearance when engraved.

So, the path of least resistance for now is to try and find a decent used one that reflects the right markings. Since this car is rarely driven, a functioning used one should last indefinately. And, I'll be picking up other originals as I find them. Eventually, it may become necessary to try and replicate date-coded originals as is being done with some electrical components in the muscle car restoration hobby now.

So, the short answer, is that I'm preserving this car in original condition, and want the correct part to keep it right.