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I've been holding off filing this for quiet some time for I figured I'd give the guy the benefit of the doubt since I've been in similar situations with shipping issues with FedEx. At this point its been 6 months since payment was received so I feel he has had plenty of time to refund my money due.

Back in December '06 Jean posted his 20" rims for sale and I ended up buying them from him.

He worked with me on making payment since it was around the holidays and I paid him in full the begining of Febuary as we had worked out. This is when he ran into problems shipping them w/ FedEx. I had sent him $360 to ship the wheels which he was never able to do, do to circumstances he couldn't control. Because of this I drove from VA to Detroit in April to pick the wheels up myself since I was going to see family in the area in how. At which point he said he was still waiting on the shipping refund from FedEx and would get it to me when he received it. I was just glad at that point I had the $1100 wheels I had paid for...the $360 was sort of mute at that point, since I already felt like I was getting jerked around a little.

Needless to say it is now August. I've received numerous PMs saying that the shipping would be received and mailed out next week, and then the next etc. etc. On 6/26/07 he said he received the refunded shipping however he couldn't mail it out do to his work must take more then 5 mins in Canada to place an envelope in the mail? Also this is the last PM I've received from him, but he has still been able to post topics on the forums.

Needless to say I've given this guy enough time to make things right. First by driving to Detroit to pick the rims up (which he was late by 5 hours on the meeting time to do so) then with the refunded shipping. I even offered payments on the returned amount due again knowing that sometimes we all get in spots and need some understanding.

That's my peace - if I ever receive my shipping money back I will request this removed or post a positive swing to this. Other wise Buyer Beware for I got took.