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Thread: lifters making noise

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    lifters making noise

    hey guys just had a question on these hydro lifters for my 91 sc, it sounds like their making a little noise after doing the head gaskets. I had them soaking in oil before reinstalling, just wanted to know if theirs a certain way to perpare them. if any one can help thanks

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    I have had a tiny leak in the exhaust before that sounded like
    a ticking lifter. Maybe you can see if any header bolts need
    to be snuged up.


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    Well this is the second time apart and the first time it didnt make the noise.
    bUT I will keep checking see what else i can find

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    A hydraulic lifter that is not pumping up should sound literally terrible, and not like you think a normal lifter tick is. I'd make sure on the exhaust leak... maybe you didn't get the down tubes connected properly?

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