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Thread: getting out have to make car go away 93 5 speed

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    getting out have to make car go away 93 5 speed

    getting out have to make car go away 93 5 speed $750

    93 non egr 5 speed car cold air intake not a short ram and cold air !!!

    Think is got a creak in the head It had a very heavy port and exstat manfoled port and intake port job a few years ago ......

    new radator starter napa

    part of the front of the motor is off to the water pump to cheak the inpellor
    becuse it was over heating off and on some times it goes for weeks and then the gague shoots put and over heats

    Was very fast 602 628 6029 mike

    $750 it got good tires

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    Do you have any pics?

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    a year old dam
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