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Thread: 4.2 crankshaft in a SC?

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    4.2 crankshaft in a SC?

    ive done the research on v6power and allfordmustangs. im just wondering what you all think. yes or no and why.

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    ARP STUDS for the heads is needed

    I had a short block done and a guy was gonna buy it but it's still at the machine shop .

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    Quote Originally Posted by 90SC BIG BLOCK View Post
    I had a short block done and a guy was gonna buy it but it's still at the machine shop .
    As should be a requirement for all 3.8 SC's. There was recently a thread with some information that you may find useful:
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    I would say yes as other people have tuned it with much more torque(which you need for the weight of these yachts)But, You need someone that knows what there doin.
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    I found a good deal on a good 4.2 crank and bought it for an engine that I'm currently building up. I thought I would cut down the tops of the stock SC pistons, use the stock 3.8 rods and then just rebalance. Turns out the 3.8 rods are too short and the piston skirts hit the crank counterbalances by about .160" (too much to cut). So I looked into the 4.2L rods/pistons but I don't trust the 4.2L rods. They look pretty weak even compared to the stock 3.8L rods. So then I looked into a 6.125" or 6.2" 351w rod but to find ones that have the correct wrist pin diameter, I was looking at $400. Then I would have to buy a good set of 4.2L pistons and rebalance. I decided that it was more money than I wanted to spend for .4L of displacement and 2 additional points of compression. So I'm just putting it back together with the stock 3.8L guts. Anyone want a 4.2L crank? I could put together a balanced assembly with forged H-beam rods, sealed power 4.2L pistons for $950 or I'd just sell the crank to best offer.

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