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Thread: 1990 35th Anniversary Super Coupe for FOR SALE

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    1990 35th Anniversary Super Coupe for FOR SALE

    I bought the car from a member about a year and a half ago . Between work and family life I really have no time for the car. I have only put about 2500 or so miles on it since I have owned it . it still needs a good tune. It runs great now never had any problems. I also added the snow meth kit and have underdrive pullies that are not yet installed. It does need a rotor. And the ac does not work. I also have a repair manual from ford that goes with the car.
    Iím asking 5000.00 for the car.
    Email [email protected] for more pics, or call me (Joe) at: 602-628-2952

    Here are the details on the car:

    1990 35th SC


    97 front bumper
    97 Headlights
    Legendary Cobra R hood
    97 Door Handles
    Custon Pin stripe with lettering in it.
    Cobra R wheels 17" x 9" new Hankook Tires 4000 miles
    Tokico sport springs
    KYB shocks new 2000 miles and aligned at same time


    Custom Flame/Ford guages
    Dual Guage pod
    Kenwood tape and single CD (in stock locations)
    3-way componet front speakers, amplified
    Front seats have been recovered
    fiberglass 12in speaker box in trunk (no sub yet)

    DriveTrain: All rebuilt 16,000 miles ago
    Rebuilt AOD with B&M 2400 stall converter (lockup)
    Baumann shift kit
    Rebuilt rearend 3.73 gears
    B&M Tranny cooler with steel braided lines and AN fittings

    Engine: Rebuilt 16,000 miles ago
    short block Internals:
    Ross pistons
    Stock rods
    stock crank
    all balanced
    Fred Cam 520 lift

    Stan W. ported heads
    cromemolly pushrods
    stock valves
    srock rockers

    BHJ balancer
    42LB Lucas injectors

    SCP shorty headers
    Lightning Cats/2.5 pipe/3in pipe

    Magnaport II
    Magnum powers plentum
    MP 85mm Throttle body
    MP Intake tube
    76mm C&L MAF
    10% SC pulley
    Extra large Griffin Radiator
    Spearco Front mount IC
    all aluminum mandrel bent IC Tubes
    battery relocated to trunk

    Thing that needs to be done:
    -Charge A/C everything is new on the system (except compressor)
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    Interested in selling the underdrives separate?

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