well yesterday i was stopping for a yellow light, some guy in an f150 behind me deicides he is gonna try to make the light and floors his throttle well now my sc is smashed not bad good thing for full coverage insureance, and him being at fault.

its going to see the shop monday hope they fix it.

can they still get new trunk lights that work..

i got some pics they are on my cell im gonna gets some with a cam today..

the only major damage is it needs a new truck lid,deck lights, drivers side tail light new bumper.

when i was driving from the seen the cars trans felt like it had some kind of play to it

the trunk were the molding go's around to keep water out the trunk, well if you pull it off about next to the drivers side smashed tail light it is bent in like inch 1/2, not all smashed but pushed in.... i really didnt drive the car much like a mile way from my mom and dads house. took it there but it didnt seem to messed up

i was looking underneath and the main part or the car underneath all looks fine the 1/4s on both sides aint smashed in no rinkals and the passager side tail light aint even broken

so as it stands now the list of the parts that the car needs is
deck lid lights,deck lid,bumper, left tail light.... \
can they still get these parts new i dont want no junk on my car.... lol

i know my car wasnt perfect but it was pretty damn nice for its age ill keep you guys posted and soon as i get pics ill put them up.. prob sounds worse then what it really is..