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Thread: 89 xr7 need help with u-joints

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    89xr7man Guest

    89 xr7 need help with u-joints

    Well I am now the proud owner of an 89 xr7 5-speed w/70k mi. Got a little work to do though. When engaging the gears I can hear a thud comming from the rear end and am hoping it is just the u-joints needing replaced. Also clutch plates feel a little week and will probably have to upgrade them also. Has anyone else had that clunking noise when the rear end engages? Hopefully its not the gears in the pumpkin. How easy/hard is it to replace the rear u-joint connecting the drive shaft to the pumpkin? Price?

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    tbird88 Guest

    Re: 89 xr7 need help with u-joints

    I did the u-joints on my 89SC. Drop the rear exhaust and the heatshields, disconnect the fuel tank filler hose but leave everything else connected to the tank and rotate it out from under the car to the passenger side. Unbolt the rear driveshaft loop, then unbolt the shaft at the pinion and presto the driveshaft is out.

    Be sure to mark the orientation of the driveshaft to pinion flange with a dab of paint or sumthin' before you unbolt it. This will keep balance problems outa the picture.

    By the way...Welcome to the SCCoA bbs, you've come to one of the best places for info on your XR7. Post some pics of it when you can.


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    89xr7man Guest

    Re: 89 xr7 need help with u-joints

    Thanks 'bird'. I'll get started on it this evening. I'll take some pics and post em up by tomorrow hopefully.

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