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Thread: stock length of the catalytic converters

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    stock length of the catalytic converters

    I was just wondering on the length of the stock catalytic converter on a 1990 sc

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    Passenger side is different than drivers side. I'll guess at more than 16", less than 24" long.

    Drivers side is slightly shorter.

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    I just had mine replaced today (again) at Meineke under warranty. They used universal fit converters with a 2.25" diameter inlet and outlet pipe. The converters themselves were 13" to 14" long. I only got ~25,000 miles on the last set. They were plugged and partially fused - probably due to the car running rich when my cam position sensor was bad. I was lucky I didn't blow a head gasket they were plugged so bad. Fortunately I was tipped off when the vacuum hose to my EGR PFE transducer blew off at the EGR riser tube and started giving a loud hissing noise which could be heard at more than half throttle. Kind of like a safety relief valve - but only for the right exhaust side which was plugged the worst.

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