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Thread: Tuning File Sharing

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    Question Tuning File Sharing

    Is it possible to share tuning files for the X-Cal 2?

    I have installed a 1990 Super Coupe motor in a '96 Mustang and I am purchasing an X-Cal 2 tuner.

    Has anyone done a similar swap and is it possible to share files?

    Any help with this project is appreciated!

    Mark Karlsson

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    You can share live load files with someone who has the same EEC processor and the same MAF/injector set that you have. Check on because no one here uses XCal since we are all EEC IV.
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    It would be nice to use X-Cal2. I have one sitting around that I bought for my Explorer, but my tuner can't seem to figure out how to program for my '07 just yet..... EEC-IV is what we have though, like said above...
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