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Thread: Moving to Nashville

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    Moving to Nashville

    Not me, but my oldest son is going to be moving to Nashville here in a couple months to finish school, and take a shot at the music scene down there.

    He'll be driving my 90 SC while down so I was wondering who all is down here, and if there are any decent mechanics in the area. I'd like to find a shop or two that I can recommend he calls if something comes up. Ya know, shocks, brakes, wiper motor.. misc stuff that can come up.

    He's looking into renting a place at Nashboro Village. Any tips?

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    Have him call me.

    I live here in Clarksville, which is about a hour north on I-24. If he needs something have him call or you can get ahold of me here.

    (931) 237-0376

    Venetian Blue 1995 5 Spd...............No ET
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    If he makes it big....I want concert tickits, free t-shirts, AND CD's. Also, he had BETTER put some SC's in his music videos. Hows about making one about them "old t-birds" and having some footage of the shootout?


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    Tell him to give a look around. That is a performance type forum with most members from the middle Tennessee area. Really good site and they can help him find a good shop for non SC specific items. Also could tell some info on the Nashboro Village area

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    Thanks for the pointers. We drove down the weekend of the 23rd. He liked the area but faced with moving out he seems not quite so sure yet. We'll see.

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