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Thread: Doing some trading need opions???

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    Doing some trading need opions???

    Whats better for a carry gun any why??

    Glock model 22 .40 cal

    Ruger P-90 Stainless .45 cal

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    I would have to say Glock, I have shot a few of them (loved them) and have a bunch of Police officer friends who all carry Glocks as a service weapon and they swear by them. They have a good balance and do not jam.

    I honestly dont have any experiance with a Ruger, but if your using this weapon as a carry gun...get a Glock.

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    I have shot both and they both shoot very nice. The Ruger is a little heavier than the Glock, which I believe makes the Glock a little better for carry.

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    Consider accesory cost & avalibility: Mag's,grips & cost to shoot. You might already know your going to need to get to know the pistol by shooting many rounds through it so its going to cost.Both are heavy with a full Mag, You just have to hold & decide you can't go wrong with ether one.
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