my name is john and im new to the entire sc community. ive driven one before as a test drive to see if i would even like the car or the mn12 platform and i was throughly impressed. So... i went out and looked for a sc cougar. after about 4 yrs of serching i finally found one. its my 1990 Mercury Cougar XR7 SC. i don't have any pix yet but when the snow melts and some green gets on the trees and ground i def will have alot of pix. But ive had alot of experiance with fox body cougars and tbirds. i still have my fox roots but i decided to move up into mn12s as well. But a little about how i found this car.
Well i bought it from my father in law he ended up with it due to the harmonic ballencer breaking in it. so i bought it rebuilding it. so far it has been a dughting task but ive lerned as i went and looking to lern alot more!

So to everyone here i am willing to lern from everyone and looking to be able to build a hot rod like some of you on here.