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Thread: 94/95 5 speed Swap parts ...

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    94/95 5 speed Swap parts ...

    I may have a line on ALMOST everything needed for a 5 speed swap into a 94/95 Super Coupe.

    All parts are from a 94/95 5 speed SC being parted out ...

    M5r2 transmission with Harness
    Flywheel, clutch and pressure plate
    Clutch Fluid line
    Master Cylinder
    Clutch pedal and Bracket
    5 speed EEC
    Tunnel Cover

    The only part not available is the 5 speed console top.

    If anybody is interested in all of the parts needed for the swap, let me know and we may be able to work something out, otherwise if only a couple parts are wanted, Ill see what we can do ..

    - Dan

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    PM sent.


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    tranny parts

    how much for all transmission parts e-mail me at (

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    sc parts wanted

    I need the CCCM. do you have one?

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