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Thread: OK Guys NEW PICS are here !!!!

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    Mickey94Bird Guest

    OK Guys NEW PICS are here !!!!

    What do u guys think ???
    i know its not SC but i figured i can post it here


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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    ya need to lower it and get 96-97 door handles and youll be set other than that, it looks PIMP, i like it!!

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    MKTSC Guest

    Re: ...

    nicey nice!

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    ForceFed6 Guest

    Re: ...

    SA-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET........too bad it's not an sc

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    naughtySCpython Guest


    I love the color, the wheels are stylin and it's a THUNDERBIRD so it
    doesn't matter if it's not an SC. The only thing I've never liked on these
    birds is the blackouts but they don't look to shabby. Great job!! Keep it looking
    strong and don't let your WOMAN make you get rid of it, if you do have a woman!


    P.S. My boyfriend has a beautiful SC and I would never make him give it up!

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    MN12 KID Guest

    Re: AWESOME!!

    It's a 17sec show car.

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    b burns30 Guest

    Re: AWESOME!!

    can you show me where you got the gfx? it looks nice and i want to do something similar.

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    MN12 KID Guest

    Re: AWESOME!!

    It's a Xenon sideskirt kit, with an SC rear cover.

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    Mickey94Bird Guest

    Re: AWESOME!!

    thnx guys i appreciate kind words
    its 4.6 v8 MN-12 kid so 16 sec show car lol
    u know u just jelous hhehe j/k
    i wanted to have bird that stands out from rest of cars and i think i did that
    thnx again

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    MN12 KID Guest

    Re: AWESOME!!

    Just playin' man - your car looks great.

    Too bad my car doesn't look half as good, or else I'd be posting new pics of it, everyday.

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    b burns30 Guest

    Re: AWESOME!!

    thanks man

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