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Thread: Sunroof or No

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMT View Post
    Did you mean 'some'? Sunroof/moonroof - my 35th does - right from the factory.
    Read slower.

    Quote Originally Posted by racecougar
    The XR7 and one of the 35th Anny's do not have a sunroof. The 94 LX and the other Anny do.
    One of my 35th's and my XR7 do not have sunroofs. My other 35th and my 94 LX do have sunroofs. Where did I say that 35th Anny's didn't come with sunroofs?


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    Quote Originally Posted by T-bird Tim View Post
    So I'm guessing that I must own one of the lowest optioned SCs made. Most people on here have a sunroof, mine doesnt. I also dont have VMM, leather interior, split fold rear seat or auto dim headlights. Also has a regular rear view mirror instead of the auto dim one. It's also a 5-speed; anyone else have one like this?
    Very few came with bare bones options but you need to look at it like this, its less to go wrong and makes the car lighter. I like all the toys and the more the better. I have been looking for a 96-97 black LX (because of the regular gas) with grey leather v8 with all the toys and especially a moon roof. It was hard to find but I just got lucky and picked it up yesterday. I have never seen a cleaner underside as the car was from CA. Now to sort out all thats wrong with it

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    I have a 91 SC, a 95 SC and a 96 LX 4.6 and all 3 have sunroofs. I could live with or without it. The LX has a drain hose plugged up with gunk, so every time it rains hard, I get a wet headliner. I've tried running a stiff piece of wire down it, but I can't break the clog.

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    Mine doesn't have one, and I'm glad. It was one of the specifics I was looking for when hunting for a "keeper". Just never liked the idea of a hole in the roof. My titanium 89 and my 90 XR7 both had a moonroof, but the 89 was for the wife (likes moonroofs), and the XR7 was just too good a car to pass up.

    Also, my two drivers each have a moonroof. Didn't specify it; they just sort of "came with it". I've noticed that the vast majority of cars like my drivers have a moonroof, so finding one without would have been hard. But, they are rarely open.


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    wish i had one , maybe ill cut a hole in the roof one day and install one

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    My 90 had one and I really like.


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    Mine doesn't have a sunroof which is something I really miss from a previous car. I never had any problems with leaks, and if I did I would have fixed it anyways. Re-upholstering the headliner is a very cheap fix if you do it yourself.

    Like Tim, my car is a pretty low option SC from the factory. 5-speed, non-electric rearview mirror or auto headlamps. Base sound system with cassette, and cloth seats. I'm not sure if floormats were options on these cars, but this car and my first LX were pretty base model cars and neither had floormats, at least since before I owned them. The important options, are the ones that every bird comes with standard like power windows and door locks. I may have a sunroof put in my car one day, but it would have to look as factory as possible. We have a place that does good work like that in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-bird Tim View Post
    So I'm guessing that I must own one of the lowest optioned SCs made. Most people on here have a sunroof, mine doesnt. I also dont have VMM, leather interior, split fold rear seat or auto dim headlights. Also has a regular rear view mirror instead of the auto dim one. It's also a 5-speed; anyone else have one like this?
    I had a 1990 Supercoupe like that - it didn't have the autodim headlights or mirror, no sunroof, no leather, no VMM. It had Premium sound (not JBL), and it did have power everything. That one was totalled, however.

    The one I have now is also a 1990, but high-option. Moonroof, auto-dim lamps, JBL sound.
    God bless!!!

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    Got one, and love it. their is nothing like opening it all the way up were it moves back into the header. Those also come on the Lincoln mark 7, or 8 if any body wanted to throw one on their bird .

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    The 35th has a sunroof, the 93 does not. I voted with the 35th since it's completely wrong to say I don't have a sunroof, since one of my cars does, and only unspecific to simply say I do have a sunroof, as there was no way to vote for yes and no.

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    Had a moonroof in my 91 and it is the reason i scrapped it, as ford in it's infinite wisdom lets the sunroof drain water go right into the rocker panels.
    Therefore the rockers rot out faster than the non roof cars.
    My 89 does not have a moonroof and for the same mileage it's rockers are mint.
    Also my dam moonroof seal was shrunk and leaked air and water like a bastard which rotted out the drivers floor to the size of a football(neglect on the previous owners part).
    All in all it's a cool option but for the rot,noise and hassles of it possibly breaking down i don't need a hole in my roof anymore and i thank god my 89 does not have one.

    On a side note my 89 was a wierdly optioned car when i got it,cloth interior,no vmm,manual climate control,no moonroof,regular radio(not even premium) but it did have auto lamps/auto dim/cornering lights and an auto.
    It now is a fully loaded car with every option except the moonroof(all parts came out of my scrapped 91 including the black leather interior as it was a loaded car with every option but the 89's autolamps,go figure).

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    Wouldn't buy a T-Bird without one.

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    Would not own one with a moornroof. Have had 3 far. Never thought it would do much for body structure stiffness to cut a hole in a perfectly good roof....whatever the reason. Also the routing of the drain lines is problematic.
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    When I bought mine new, I did not want a moon roof. It added weight and did nothing for rigidity.

    I did not want ditch lights, auto climate control, leather or an automatic either. There was not many to choose from, but I did get everything I wanted.

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    Wish I didn't. I'd rather have the headroom and structural integrity.

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